Penguin Mom & Baby I

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This is a portrait of an African penguin and its young chick, descriptively rendered as a charcoal drawing. When the chicks hatch they are covered in a soft, charcoal grey, downy fluff and are totally dependent on their parents. They produce a whistling ‘peep’ and hissing sound to demand food from mom and dad, who will look after their young until they are fully fledged and can enter the sea by themselves.

The artwork is rich in contrast and texture and is part of a series of drawings of the African penguin portrayed in the black and white shades of charcoal. The image captures the devotion of the parent penguin towards its young and has an endearing and tender atmosphere.

This is an Open Edition Fine Art Print of the original charcoal drawing and part of the Oceans of Southern Africa Collection.

Original Artwork Details

  • Charcoal Drawing on Paper, 2011

  • 40 x 30 cm

  • Original Sold

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This is an Open Edition Fine Art Print.

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