Print Production

Our prints are produced with the highest level of quality and care at all stages of the print production process.

Once original artworks are completed they are professionally photographed and saved as high-resolution digital files with maximum visual quality. Ashleigh approves the photographed image to ensure it is true to the feel of the original artwork in all aspects. 

Print proofing is done prior to all final printing to ensure the image reflects the original artwork’s features and is consistent in its tonal renditions and contrast.

The artist approves the final print and the bespoke touches, personalised packaging and signature are all added back in her Simon’s Town studio.



Limited Edition vs. Open Edition Fine Art Prints

Within each artwork’s description it is specified whether the print is a Limited Edition Fine Art Print or an Open Edition Fine Art Print.

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints are limited to a certain number of total prints produced, each print is numbered and the total edition number is specified on the print. This total edition number is particular to the size and format of the print, not to the image itself.

Open Edition Fine Art Prints have no set number of total prints produced and therefore are not numbered.

The Limited and Open Edition Fine Art Prints are exactly the same in quality and production, with the only difference being that the Limited Edition Prints are numbered and have a set limit in terms of productions.


Print Details

  • All prints are reproduced to the highest archival and industry standards. 
  • Archival quality inks are used in the Giclee process guaranteeing high quality light fastness and visually rich images, true to the features of the original artwork.
  • Each print is hand signed, dated, titled and embossed or stamped by the artist.
  • Limited Edition Prints are also numbered.
  • Prints are available on paper or canvas.
  • Paper prints are embossed and canvas prints are stamped as the material is not compatible with embossing.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity and Artwork Leaf of Provenance accompanies all prints.
  • A 4cm spatial border surrounds each printed image. This is included in the total print size and accommodates the title, stamp and signature of the artist.
  • The artist approves all print quality and personally packages and wraps artwork for shipping creating a bespoke touch.
  • Printed, signed and beautifully wrapped with care and attention to detail in Cape Town, South Africa.



Prints are Available on Paper or Canvas

Prints on Paper
  • Paper Prints are reproduced on premier quality Hahnemuhle German Etching Fine Art Paper.
    • Paper prints must be framed behind glass to protect the print.
    • Paper prints are embossed alongside the artist’s signature.
    • Paper characteristics: 
      • 310gsm weight
      • A 100% cellulose paper guarantees archival standards
      • Mould-made Etching Paper with a distinctive textured surface
      • Matte Surface Finish

    Paper Print Layout


    Prints on Canvas
    • Canvas Prints are reproduced on premier quality Gothic Fine Art Cotton Canvas.
      • Canvas Prints have an extra UV varnish applied after printing for additional protection; this has a slight satin finish.
      • The print does not require framing behind glass.
      • Canvas Prints should be stretched over a wooden stretcher frame.
      • The print layout is designed to accommodate a 44mm deep stretcher box frame and can work with narrower frames.
      • The listed size selections reflect the visible surface of the canvas (the printed image plus border with signature etc.). The surplus canvas that is required for stretching is in addition to those sizes and is automatically added on.
      • Canvas Prints cannot be embossed and are instead stamped alongside the artist’s signature.
      • Canvas characteristics:
        • 360gsm weight
        • 100% Cotton
        • Matte White
        • Waterproof coating

      Canvas Print Layout


      Care of the Artwork Upon Arrival

      • Once the delivery is received it is recommended that the prints are removed from the tube and sent for framing as soon as possible.  
      • Paper prints should be given time to unroll and ‘relax’ when removed from the tube for framing.
      • Prints on paper require framing behind glass.
      • Canvas prints can be stretched over a wooden frame at most framers.
      • All prints should be handled with care.